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Ready for the main event with my #absinthe #mayweathermaidana #boxing (at Neptune Beach Studio)

Serenity. (at I-75 in Cleveland, Tennessee)

The greatest a venue on earth! (at Ryman Auditorium)


Los Angeles


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Alicia Silverstone

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Page Hamilton is a rock king. #helmet #metal #rockandroll (at I-75 in Cleveland, Tennessee)

Catherine wheel discography.

PAO, assistant operations chief and the division artillery commander, my boss, Colonel Hutson. The finest commander I’ve ever served. #army #military #usa (at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico)

PAO and S3, operations chief. #army #military (at White Sands Missile Range)

Drop D (at Neptune Beach Studio)

Slow dawn. #nature #skyporn #sky #catholic #smashingpumpkins (at Texas / New Mexico state line)

What you boys know about THIS!!!! Taking it waaaaay back to college boys!!!! (at Northeast El Paso, TX)

Gonna be a good weekend with my buddy Joe. @classicmoody @peterfenn where are you? Come on out to El Paso! (at Neptune Beach Studio)

Morning selfie, ready for work. (at The Reserve At Sandstone Ranch Apartments)

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